Thank you for interest in participating in Boston Winter!
What best describes your involvement?

Provide Entertainment

  • Provide Entertainment

    We welcome your participation at Boston Winter. Let us know what type of performance you are proposing: Choir, band, soloist, dance performance, theatre performance, Capella group, and other. Make sure you attach your social media and web references such as your website, Facebook page or Instagram handle. Indicate how many people are in your group and the dates and times you are interested in performing. We will contact you to discuss in more details and finalize your performance date and time.  Contact us:

Find An Internship Or Part-Time Job

  • Find An Internship Or Part-Time Job

    We are hiring! We are seeking help with online Marketing and PR, event and program management, kids activities coordination, bartenders and food associates, general customer service, actors, and more.

    If you are fun, outgoing and in a festive mood even outside a Holiday Market, then we want to talk to you. Please have some experience and good references. Contact us:

Nominate A Charity

  • Nominate A Charity

    Boston Winter Holiday Market and Millennial Entertainment Group are offering a free chalet to 5 charities in Boston on rotational basis to promote themselves or even sell goods and services to thousands of visitors this winter. Send us your nomination and spread the festive work of Boston Winter!

Submit An Idea

  • Submit An Idea

    Revolutionary or simple, tell us what you want to see at Boston Winter Holiday Market. You may even want to present or manage a new program by yourself. If your idea or program is considered a good fit by Boston Winter team, you will receive a voucher admission to one of the attractions and a surprise present when you visit. Contact us

Boston Winter is a partnership between Boston Winter Village, an affiliate of Millennial Entertainment Group, TD Garden, and the City of Boston.